Traveling Alone

When I meet someone during my trip people usually ask me: Do you travel alone?
I can see the perplexity about the fact in someone is traveling alone and more if is a woman doing it.
I can understand a little this surprise because most women don´t like or have the courage to venture out into the world alone. I wonder if because they don´t want to get off their comfort zone and maybe the insecurity in thinking the vulnerability we can have in some situations.
My first experience was when I decided to go to live in Dublin – Ireland for 6 months, to do my English exchange. One thing is travel as a tourist, another thing completely different is going to live abroad and living there as a native.
I had been postponing this decision always trying to find some new excuses in not to do that. But the main reason was the fear to face this challenge, not getting out of my comfort zone.
So, I decided to face my fears and go on this journey. Was so many new situations that I faced that most people that have their stabilized lives, financially speaking, would not admit to living. Sharing all kind of things as sharing a house with a lot of people living there, I shared a house with 35 people, and don´t have your precious privacy anymore. But it can teach you to develop your empathy, tolerance, and kindness with others.
But even all these challenges and lack of privacy I do not regret this decision because was so great moments of learning.
Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to discover your potential. Discover your limits, your strengths, your weaknesses. It´s like you take a trip inside and this is a kind of learning that doesn´t have a price.
You have your moment of solitude which gives you the opportunity to reflect on your priorities and make the necessary changes in order to reach your state of fullness.

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