Peru – Unequaled archaeological treasure

Often the treasure of the country can be determined other way than monetary, Peru can provide us with valuable moments of learning from a culture rich in archaeological sites and mysticism that will be recorded in our memories forever.

Beginning to speak of displacement in the Peruvian cities, the public transport is very precarious composed of “La Combi” that are minivans, always in bad condition, that usually they have 15 people seated very tight, sometimes more if they take one of big size. There’s a person who collects the tickets and also “shouts” the names of the destinations or you can ask if it passes through a certain place. The prices of the tickets are very cheap. I paid 3 soles to go from Callao to Miraflores (14 Km travelled in approximately 1:40, which would take around 50 min).

The cab service is done by official taxi-driver has an emblem to identify but there´re illegal taxi-drivers as well. You need to be smart about the prices they will charge you. Don´t have a taximeter. The taxi I took charged me at first time U$ 25 (83 soles) so I said Uber was cheaper and at the end, I paid 30 soles until my hostel (13 Km).

If it´s possible to have internet since boarding to take a uber will be good, but how is not possible to buy a sim card at the airport, try to come with the cost previously researched to negotiate with the taxi-driver.

The internet works well and it´s possible to buy a  prepaid chip (35 soles for a period 10 days), having several options as Claro, Bitel, Movistar that has a good cover. The recharge can be done at the Boticas (drugstore), and other places as well.

Jorge Chaves International Airport is located in Callao far away from Lima, approximately 10 Km.  Callao is a port city with a lot of security problems so requires great care when going around the streets avoiding using mobile phones and other valuable things as watches and jewellery.

The Spot generally has chosen by tourists as mandatory when in visiting Peru is Machu Picchu. So let´s get the tips on how to get there. The closest city to Machu Picchu is Cusco if your flight not goes straight ahead Cusco (it´s the case of most flights departing from Brazil), will need to go to Lima and after take another flight to Cusco.

If it´s is possible to fit in a days to visit Cusco will be good because this place has been the capital of Inca Empire, visiting Cusco for sure it´s to come across a rich source of history, archaeological sites, colonial architecture and becoming used to with altitude problem and suffer less with the altitude sickness (soroche).

To get to Machu Picchu has 3 options:  one is by Inca Trail on foot (about 42 Km made usually in 4 days, depending on the physical condition of each person), by train or bus.  The least indicated route would be by bus that can take a long time and having to do many transfers to get to Machu Picchu, the price is on average U$ 10 (30 soles). Going by train, you will have to take the train until Aguas Calientes, there´re two companies makes the journey, IncaRail or PeruRail and the price of the ticket may vary according to the type of the wagon (single or 360), but the tickets are around U$ 140 til U$ 142. The trains do not leave directly from Cusco, it´s necessary to take the train in Poroy, Urubamba (Sacred Valley) or Ollantaytambo. The best option is to take it on Ollantaytambo because there have more options and the route be faster than others (1hr 40m) and not be closed at a certain season of the year as Poroy route (closed usually from January till April and lasts 3h50m).

Arriving at Águas Calientes it´s time to go to Machu Picchu Park can be by Van that takes about 20 minutes to go to the Park and costs U$ 12. To whom van to do the Inca trail it ends at the Machu Picchu Park. Another option is going by foot and takes about 1 hr 40 min (depending on the physical condition of each person). The ticket costs U$ 70 and could be bought at the entrace, in Cusco at Culture Ministry or online (depending at the season is the best option because have a limited admission per day). There is a difference between the tickets: simply that allow to visit for 4 hours, with Huayna Picchu aditional (U$86), Machu Picchu and up to Machu Picchu Montain (U$86) and Machu Picchu and Museum (U$77). Arriving at the Park it´s time to enjoy all beauty, energy that this special place offer.

Machu Picchu Park