Kraków – Poland. One of the oldest cities in Poland

In Kraków you can find many old original buildings because the city was not badly hit by bombs during the Second World War.

The historic center (old city – Stare Miasto) is surrounded by a wall that contains the main attractions. After you pass St. Florian´s Gate you keep walking in Florianska Street until Market Square (Rynek Główny), is divided in the middle for the Market Build that has, beautiful architecture and you can find some souvenir stores and handcraft.

Around the square, you can find many restaurants, cafés, the City Hall Tower and the famous “Eros Vendado” sculpture of the artist Igor Mitoraj. St. Mary´s Cathedral – sec XII that over time has been receiving renovations. On the left of the Cathedral is the clock that every half hour you can hear the sound of a trumpet in honor of the local trumpeter who was hit by an arrow while he was ringing announcing the invasion of the Mongols.

Eros Vendado

On some occasions there is a Free fair that you can find different kinds of products and taste a little bit of the local food like the famous Pierogi.

Wawel Hill is another tourist point where Kraków Cathedral is. In this Cathedral that Pope John Paul II celebrated his first mass as a priest in 1946, because of this there is a statue there as a tribute to him. In the same place is a Real Castle beside the Vistula river.

Pope Statue

On the other side of the river, you can find the Jewish neighborhood, a ghetto built by Nazis at the beginning of the Second World War to accommodate the Jews that after were deported to the concentration camps.

Jewish Neighborhood

So, you can find near Kraków two different concentration camp: Auschwitz and Birkenau. Auschwitz was the administrative center of the other camps and in this camp, the Nazis tested the first gas chamber that murdered 850 prisoners. In Birkenau there were four crematoriums and gas chambers, this capacity was 2.500 people per day.

There are other interesting tours that you can do such as The Mines of Salt or Oscar Schindler´s Factory. You can enjoy the Kraków nightlife by going to a few neighbourhoods where there are a lot of interesting places to spend some time drinking and eating delicious and cheap food. There is a local beer factory – Ursa Maior with good homemade beer. You can either choose goods bars and restaurants around the major square.

On Florianska street there is a karaoke bar that you can drink any shot for 1 euro.